C# program to create a ValueType with names

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With C# 7, you can easily create a ValueType with names.

Note − Add System.ValueTuple package to run ValueTuple program.

Let’s see how to add it −

  • Go to your project
  • Right click on the project in the solution explorer
  • Select “Manage NuGet Packages”
  • You will reach the NuGet Package Manager.
  • Now, click the Browse tab and find “ValueTuple”
  • Finally, add System.ValueTuple package


using System;
class Program {
   static void Main() {
      var myTuple = (marks: 95, name: "jack", subject: "maths");
      //Add System.ValueTuple package to run this program
      // using names to access
      Console.WriteLine("Student Marks: "+myTuple.marks);
      Console.WriteLine("Student Name: "+myTuple.name);
      Console.WriteLine("Student Subject: "+myTuple.subject);


Student Marks: 95
Student Name: Jack
Student Subject: Maths
Published on 11-Sep-2018 08:54:48