Organizational Needs for Career Growth


Individual growth has now replaced career growth as the driving force in employee motivation. The way individuals think about their careers brings into consideration these following important points −

  • Finding ways of showcasing strengths.
  • Work that provides them challenges.
  • Work matches with temperament.
  • Addressing developmental needs.
  • Work matches with interest.
  • Work matches with values.

Organizational Needs

An important shift in career management has taken place in the recent years. where a person gets all his instructions from the immediate supervisor. Organizations now depend on their board only for the vision and mission of the organization. All the remaining crucial structures, like employee management, have been given to the supervisors. This is done as such diverse cases can only be handled by someone who has a history of working with these employees.

Organizational Needs

In today’s dynamic work environment, employees get growth opportunities through their working relationship with people and interpersonal skills. This is in contrast to the traditional setting where a group of people from the higher management used to take a central decision, and growth opportunities were given to a promotion-worthy candidate after making him attend long meetings and management-related classes.

Pressing Issues that Supervisors Face

With the supervisors increasingly being expected to take managerial decisions, the role of a career management counsellor in the organization has become redundant. However, the supervisors themselves need to get trained on how to motivate employees and learn interpersonal skills.

Once the supervisors become the People’s Person that their company wants them to be, they will be able to address some of the most pressing issues that organizations predict they will face in the immediate future. Some of these issues are −

  • The numerous strategic issues that organizations face over the next three years.
  • The organization’s most pressing needs and challenges within next three years.
  • The critical skills and knowledge needed to address these challenges.
  • The ideal staff capacity and qualification needed for this.
  • The capability of management to address the issues.

In the next chapter, we will discuss how mentoring can be a very effective tool.

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