Can you now ask Amazon Alexa to make playlists for you?

Now you can command "Alexa, Create a new playlist " or "Alexa, add this to my playlist" and Alexa will obey your orders.

Here is the know how ...

  • You need Amazon music, as Alexa recognizes only Amazon music.

  • Say "Alexa, create a new playlist" and Alexa will ask you to give the name of the playlist. Name the list. Now your playlist is created and ready.

  • Now you have to add the required songs to the playlists with commands "Alexa, add this song to the playlist".

  • You can even edit a playlist by taking the name of an already existing playlist.

  • As of now deleting a song from the playlist is still manual. You have to go to the Amazon music app or via the web and delete a song from the playlist.