Can the overriding method throw the super-type of the exception thrown by the overridden method in Java?

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If the super-class method throws certain exception, the method in the sub-class should not throw its super type.


In the following example the readFile() method of the super-class throws FileNotFoundException exception and, the readFile() method of the sub-class throws an IOException, which is the super type of the FileNotFoundException.

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import java.util.Scanner;
abstract class Super {
   public String readFile(String path)throws FileNotFoundException {
      throw new FileNotFoundException();
public class ExceptionsExample extends Super {
   public String readFile(String path)throws IOException {
      //method body ......

Compile time error

On compiling, the above program gives you the following output − error: readFile(String) in ExceptionsExample cannot override readFile(String) in Sup
   public String readFile(String path)throws IOException {
overridden method does not throw IOException
1 error
Updated on 15-Oct-2019 07:10:50