Can a poet be a hero?

The reason why some people may find this question abrupt would be their shallow understanding of the term “Hero “ and even of the term “Poet”.

Who is a Hero?

We often regard hero as somebody out of the world, probably with superhuman abilities like wings or extremely high speed and so on. But in actual terms, Hero, as described by Thomas Carlyle in his essay Hero as a Poet, is not someone who is extraordinary, rather he is someone who is less questionable and less ambitious. A hero is indeed someone, whom we can relate to and someone whose life becomes a great source of learning for all generations.

How Is a Poet a Hero?

Not every Poet can be termed as a Hero. A vein of poetry exists in all men. But that does not make every man a Hero. An exceptionally great poet is the one whose work is neither limited to the area in which he writes nor is it restricted to the time in which he writes. His writings become eternal for years to come and successive generations to learn from his creations. Such impactful creations and works can come out only of a heroic mind and a warrior like character. A poet who writes leaving all the adverse circumstances astray and just concentrates on delivering the best to his readers is a true epitome of a Hero.

Qualities that Make a Poet A Hero

The magnanimity of heart, Wisdom of choice of words, a Clear perception of what to write, a distinct vision of how to portray, an infinitude of understanding which imparts a universal outlook to the poet, etc. all these lead to an exceptionally prominent work.

If a poet possesses not one but all the above qualities in a balanced manner, he definitely qualifies the test of being called a Hero. It is said that “Heroes are not born, in fact, they are made”. Our deeds decide what manner will people perceive us as. Therefore, we should be noble in our deeds.