Boon - Overview


Boon is a simple Java based toolkit for JSON. You can use Boon JSON to encode or decode JSON data in an efficient and faster way.

Features of Boon

The features of Boon are explained below −

  • Fast − Boon JSON is faster at Object Serialization, enabling JSON Expression and JSON Parsing as compared to Jackson.

  • Lightweight − It have very few classes and provides the necessary functionalities like encode/decode Object mapping.

  • Data Binding − Most of the operations are done using data binding and index overlay.

  • No public tree model − End user view is data binding view.

  • Supports simple data binding − Provides data binding with primitives as well with auto boxing.

  • High performance − Heap based parser is used and provide high performance.

  • No dependency − No external library dependency. Can be independently included.

  • JDK1.2 compatible − Source code and the binary are JDK1.2 compatible