Best Enterprise Project Portfolio Management Software in 2023

An enterprise project management platform must have a high-level view to allow project managers to track projects across various departments. Having the necessary coordination across different units is very important to ensure that the organization's goals are achieved.

If you are new to project management, you will most likely need to identify the dependencies between your various projects. For instance, a sales project might contribute 10% toward a marketing initiative's goal of increasing customer acquisition. Having the right information and documented processes will help you get the most out of your work.

A good project management system should also help project managers align their teams with the goals of the organization. It should have the necessary features to manage tasks and resources, as well as provide reports and dashboards.

What is PPM software?

The providers of project management software are focused on supporting the planning and execution of various types of projects, such as traditional ones. They also provide a variety of communication and collaboration capabilities that allow work teams to manage their projects more effectively.

Although some of the providers of project management software provide these capabilities through their own products, they also recognize that additional integration points are needed to ensure that their offerings are compatible with other platforms.

Top Project Portfolio Management Software


The award-winning project management software Wrike is used by some of the world's most prominent brands, such as Google, Siemens, and Nickelodeon. The enterprise tier of Wrike is mainly focused on security. Its users can easily log in using 2FA and single sign-on. There are also password policies that can be set to restrict the strength of the password.

Wrike's features include a variety of capabilities that are designed to help you manage projects. One of these is work intelligence, which uses machine learning and AI to identify projects that are at risk and suggest solutions.


With Smartsheet, you can easily align your global teams and manage projects. It's enterprise-level software that helps you build and implement business-focused solutions.

With the enterprise plan, you can easily access Smartsheet Advanced. It includes a control center that can help you manage projects and keep track of all of your data. You can also have a private key that can be used to access reports and other important data.

At a security level, you can get Single Sign-On (SSO), integration with your local directory software, and recurring backups. One of the most interesting features is the app builder, which allows you to create mobile and web apps that are built on top of automation.

Reports and dashboards are built-in, and they can be used to analyze and visualize multiple sheets. It also has various features such as workflow automation and resource management. You can also integrate various applications, such as Active Directory, Salesforce, and Slack. Some of these are development essentials, such as Jira.

Bubble PPM

The Bubble Project Portfolio Management (PPM) software provides a variety of reporting tools and real-time insight into a project's progress.

The ability to view and control all of your projects' progress is one of the reasons I picked Bubble Project Portfolio Management. Its robust features and in-built processes allow you to make informed decisions.

The interface of Bubble Project Management is very customizable, and it features various colorful elements that can help you identify areas where you can improve your project's efficiency. Its report creation feature allows you to produce reports from scratch or automate them.

The software features a variety of tools that allow you to score projects and manage their various aspects. It also provides a financial planning tool that helps you align your investments with your strategy.

The integration process allows you to add various features to the software. You can also get in touch with the company's technical support team for help.


The Celoxis platform is an all-in-one project management solution that enables organizations to manage their projects and work collaboratively. It includes a variety of features such as project accounting, resource management, and client tracking.

Celoxis has top-level security. Even though they don't have an enterprise plan, they offer 256-bit encryption for transferring data and redundancy in their infrastructure. They also have a variety of features, such as VPN and access to their servers through their founders' only keys.

Although it doesn't have an SLA, the Celoxis platform is GDPR-compliant. It also has a variety of features that allow it to monitor and analyze its logs.

The platform has a variety of tools that can help organizations manage their projects. Some of these include a project tracker, resource availabilities, and utilization reports.

Celoxis allows users to integrate various applications, such as Salesforce, Google Apps, and QuickBooks Online. Its API can also be used to create custom integrations.

Zoho projects

Zoho Projects is an easy-to-manage project management system that enables enterprises to manage their projects. Its intuitive user interface and remote management make it an ideal choice for small and medium-sized businesses. Employees can work more efficiently by coordinating with managers and other collaborators. Zoho Projects' Enterprise plan also provides various tools to effectively manage projects.

The resource utilization chart in the enterprise software allows users to visualize the team's workload and availability. It can be used to create a visual representation of the various tasks and activities of the team. Additionally, the heatmap view can show the status of staff members' disconnected schedules.

Zoho Projects has various features that can help employees manage their projects. These include time management, task management, and collaboration.

The integration platform of Zoho allows third-party applications to work seamlessly with the company's various products, such as its finance suite and Zoho Books. With the new marketplace, third-party applications such as Google Drive, Microsoft Teams, and ServiceNow can also be integrated with Zoho.

The Enterprise plan's portfolio dashboard is exclusive to the management of projects. This feature allows businesses to use Zoho Projects as their project management solution.


With Asana, you can manage your project portfolio and keep track of all of your company's goals. This solution works for medium and large enterprises.

Asana is a fairly standard tool that comes with a variety of features. But what sets it apart is its security. Not only does it have four ISO certifications related to privacy and data protection, but it also has the necessary security measures to comply with the GDPR.

Over the years, Asana has been a part of the market. I value her level of service and her experience. Asana is a tool that can help you manage various tasks and projects. It also has a variety of features, such as project management, resource management, and portfolio tracking.

Asana has a variety of integrations that allow it to work seamlessly with various enterprise and IT tools. These include Okta, Splunk, OneLogin, and Active Directory.


Instead of using software that focuses on execution, project management software allows companies to create and manage strategies for their projects. A portfolio is made up of interrelated projects, which means they have similar resources and scope.

A company that specializes in architecture, engineering, or construction may have three portfolios. One for design and architecture, another for industrial and civil engineering, and the third for commercial and residential construction. These portfolios may contain hundreds of projects, all of which need to be monitored and managed.

Due to the number of projects in a portfolio, it can be hard for companies to plan and allocate resources, monitor their performance, and manage their projects. Most project management software doesn't have robust features for managing portfolios.

Updated on: 08-May-2023


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