Best Companies for Six Sigma Experts to Work For

The Six Sigma methodology emphasizes the use of statistical analysis rather than conjecture to improve business processes. Controlling variance and understanding the complexity of processes help businesses enhance their organizational structure.

Six Sigma is more than simply "training," it is a data-driven methodology geared toward projects with observable business outcomes. This technique has been applied in many industries to reduce hard and soft costs while increasing customer satisfaction.

Companies for Six Sigma Professionals

It takes a lot of research and comparison to choose a company that fits your needs & demands and values your work. Here are some companies which are best for six sigma professionals.

1. EMC Corporation

The top of the list has to include this. EMC Corporations is a worldwide American company with offices all over the world with headquarters in Hopkinton, Massachusetts. EMC Corp. employs more than 60,000 people and focuses on data storage, information security, virtualization, analytics, cloud computing, and other goods and services that assist companies in storing, managing, safeguarding, and analyzing their data.

They were honored with several accolades in 2012 and 2013, including "World's Most Admired Computer Companies," "Top 100 Global Innovators," and "Best Multinational Workplaces."

Lee Pollack exposed EMC to the benefits of Six Sigma in the fall of 2002, and as a result, the company developed its program "Total Customer Experience," or TCE, an operational philosophy based on the Six Sigma principles. Six Sigma has now been fully incorporated into the business and has contributed significantly to its success.

To find opportunities and areas for improvement across all of EMC's businesses, the TCE team makes use of its Lean Six Sigma group. These are given top priority in order to push forward improvements in EMC's process efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and product quality. By the end of December 2013, EMC had finished more than 2,400 Lean Six Sigma projects, with measurable benefits exceeding $800 million. They provide a solid package in addition to a safe and stimulating work environment.

2. McKesson Corporation

Another American corporation, McKesson Corporation, deals with the retail sale of medications and provides Healthcare, medical supply, and care management IT infrastructure services. McKesson Corp., a Fortune Global 500 firm with its headquarters in San Francisco, California, is the 11th-highest revenue-producing business in the US.

One of the first healthcare products to use the Six Sigma technique was a McKesson product. The business has seen great success by putting the Six Sigma discipline into practice. In addition to helping the organization save more than $100 million internally, acquire a competitive and cost advantage over competitors, and enhance customer experience and service capabilities, Six Sigma assisted the company in changing from a function-oriented to a process-oriented organization.

3. Rio-Tinto-Alcan

The Rio Tinto Alcan is a division of the British-Australian mining behemoth Rio Tinto. The company, which has its headquarters in Montreal, was created in 2007 as a result of the merger of Canadian company Alcan Inc. with the Canadian affiliate of Rio Tinto PLC, Rio Tinto Canada Holding Inc.

The mining and manufacturing of aluminum are presently led by Rio Tinto Alcan Inc on a global scale. In order to optimize its bauxite mining, alumina reprocessing, and aluminum melting operations, the company implemented Six Sigma.

Then, Lean Manufacturing strategies that increase the potential for workplace-based company development were added to the program. Rio Tinto was a different business that made the list of Best places for Six Sigma experts to work.

4. Textron

Through ties at Cessna Aircraft Company, which had been using Six Sigma as one of their tools for business improvement, executives at Textron first got familiar with the methodology. Six Sigma was rapidly embraced throughout the whole firm and became Textron's preferred method for enhancing business operations and delighting consumers.

The Textron Six Sigma model is a comprehensive, standardized collection of tools and procedures that are strictly adhered to in all operational and functional areas in order to reduce waste, boost growth, and foster innovation. Today, Textron is known for its commitment to Six Sigma, which is crucial to the company's expansion. Textron was listed as one of the "Best Places to Work for Six Sigma Professionals" by iSixSigma.

5. Information Sciences Volt

Volt Information Sciences Inc. is an organization made up of complementary business units that offer sector-specific services to the aerospace, banking and finance, information technology, life sciences, pharmaceutical, telecommunications, automotive, consumer electronics, insurance, manufacturing, entertainment, and media, software, transportation, and utility sectors.

They initially adopted Six Sigma to enhance organizational performance by eliminating defects in the production process, but they soon began to extend similar tactics to staffing and recruiting - becoming the first company to do so.

And Volt's novel strategy was a huge success. They currently employ 600+ Six Sigma specialists that are dedicated to efficient process improvement. The iSix-Sigma record of the "Best places to work for Six Sigma Professionals" included Volt in the year 2010.

6. Xerox Corporation

American global documents management company Xerox Corporation. With its corporate office in Norwalk, Connecticut, the company offers a variety of printing presses, in addition to these goods, the company also provides consultancy services, photocopiers, multifunction systems, and digital production equipment.

The business has constantly been listed among the Fortune 500. The business started utilizing Lean Six Sigma tools and techniques in 2003. The organization saw demonstrable progress as a result, and it also opened up the potential for development and increased consumer value.

Lean Six Sigma has been extremely beneficial for the business, and hundreds of projects that improved both customer satisfaction and financial performance have been successfully completed.

The Six Sigma 5 Phases

Six Sigma proponents and practitioners both employ the DMAIC methodology. This acronym is made up of the words define, measure, analyze, improve, and control.

Businesses can improve their business processes by utilizing the statistics-based DMAIC framework. The idea states that any problem that initially seems insurmountable can be solved by adhering to the five DMAIC phases of experience and business results.


In this phase, the problems are described by the team and the impact of the problem is determined. This definition details the problem, the goals, and the project deliverables.


The team assesses the procedure's first performance. These statistical metrics assist the team in understanding the process' benchmark performance and in compiling a list of potential inputs that may have influenced the problem.


After separating each input or probable reason of failure, the team assesses the technique to see if it is the true cause of the problem. The team employs analytics to identify the root of process issues.


From there, the team begins to increase system performance. The team finds the most optimal solution of the problem and tests it.


The organization controls the process by implementing improvement activities, analyzing measurement systems, project documentation, and handover in order to avoid the process from regressing and losing effectiveness.


Many businesses have used Lean Six Sigma for remarkable success and have completed thousands of projects improving customer satisfaction and financial performance. All of the businesses have also been listed as the top places for six sigma professionals to work. As a Six Sigma Professional, you can aim for the best option among the above-mentioned companies to advance your career and earn more opportunities.

Updated on: 19-Jan-2023


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