Beach Volleyball - Scoring System

Beach volleyball consists of three sets, but it is played as best of three sets. Best of three means if a team wins the first two sets, then that team will win the match. Each set is of 21 points and the team that scores the 21 points earlier than the other team wins the match.

The team that scores 21 points first must have a two point advantage than the other one. So if the score level is 21-20, then the set will keep on until two point advantage is achieved. It means if the score will indicate 24-22 or 25-27, then the set will be over.

The third or the decisive set will be maximum of 15 points unlike 21 in the first two. Teams can switch ends after every 7 points. In the last set, they can change it in 5 points. Point is awarded to that team which is able to drop the ball on the ground at the opponent’s side. Whenever a team fails to deliver the ball in a legal manner, they commit fault and the other team gets a point.

Beach Volley vs. Indoor Volley

Indoor volley is played on hard court but beach volley is played on sand court. A team in beach volley consists of two players whereas in indoor game it is of six players. In beach volley, no substitution is allowed. Players in beach volley can play with bare feet.

Indoor Volley

The dimension of the court in indoor volley is 18m length and 9m breadth. But beach volley’s court has 16m length and 8m breadth. Scoring system is different in beach volley as best of three sets is played. But indoor volley has different scoring system.

Indoor volley has an attack line of 3m from net, but there is no attack line in beach volley. In beach volley, open hand touches, dinks or tips are illegal unlike indoor volleyball.

During the match, the coach cannot give any suggestions or coaching. Teams switch ends in every seven points in beach volley, but in indoor volley, switching of the side is done after every set.