Aviation Management - Careers in Aviation


In this chapter, we will discuss the career opportunities in the aviation industry.

Airline Careers

There are various positions in airline.

Position Requirement
Assembler/Installer Diploma
Aviation Attorney Law Degree
Aviation Medical Examiner Medical Degree
Baggage Handler Diploma
Cabin Maintenance Mechanic Diploma / Degree + Technical Training
Ground Attendant Diploma / Degree preferred
Information Systems Specialist IT Degree
Ramp Service Personnel Diploma / Degree preferred + Training
Cabin Crew Diploma / Degree preferred + Training


Here are some typical pilot positions in aviation −

Position Requirement
Corporate Pilot
  • College degree
  • Aviation medical certificate
  • Pilot license
Military Pilot
Regional Pilot
National/International Pilot

Airport Careers

There are a variety of positions pertaining to airport operations −

Position Requirement
Accident Investigator Degree + Training
Administrative Assistant Diploma / Degree preferred
Air Freight / Cargo Agent Diploma / Degree preferred + Training in shipping
Airframe and Powerplant Inspector Diploma + Technical Training + A&P License
Airframe or Powerplant Mechanic Diploma + Technical Training + A&P License
Airport Manager Degree in airport management / BBA / MBA
Avionics Technician/Specialist Diploma / Degree preferred + Technical Training
Cargo Handlers Diploma in Cargo Management
Concession Worker Diploma
Customs Agent Degree + Training
Flight Instructor Diploma / Degree preferred
Food Preparation Specialist Diploma / Degree preferred + Health Certification
Information Systems Specialist College Degree in IT field
Lineperson/fuel handler Diploma / Degree preferred
Marketing / Public Relations BBA / MBA (Marketing)
Operations Supervisor College Degree
Ramp Service Personnel Diploma / Degree + Special Training
Safety Inspector Engineering Degree + Training in Aviation Mechanism
Security Officer Diploma / Degree preferred + Special Training

Characteristics of Aviation Employees

The following are the key skills the aviation employers look for in their prospective employees −

  • Work Competency − The prospective employee needs to be equipped with the related education in the field of aviation and should be able to demonstrate the procedures if required at the time of interview.

  • Work Initiative − If there is no work load for some time, the employee must take initiative to do other allied tasks enthusiastically, which aid the business operations. They must invest the time in learning a new skill beneficial to the business.

  • Mindset of High Ethical Values − The employees must possess ethics such as loyalty towards work and business, and trustworthiness. The employees need to guard the airline business and its reputation by working ethically.

  • Excellent Communication Skills − The employees need good command over communication skills as they might have to deal with customers, colleagues, superiors, and other persons while on duty. They must use polite and clear language while communicating with the customers.

  • Team Playing Nature − Since aviation industry is also a business of coordinated efforts, it needs a coherent team to execute a flight successfully and safely. The leading team members must accommodate the younger ones to groom and the younger ones must follow and learn from the seniors. Overall, the teamwork should reflect.

  • Soft Skills Equipment − The employee must be assertive, courteous, optimistic, and hardworking. The employee must be able to handle anger and control one’s temperament.

  • Critical Decision Making − There can be times when the employees need to handle critical situation without losing control on oneself and saving assets from a mishap. For such times, the employees’ readiness to think critically and bravery helps.