Pedro M. Santos


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Pedro M. Santos has over 25 years of experience in the software industry. He has worked in the finance, aviation, consultancy, media, and retail industries and has built a wide range of software, ranging from embedded systems to cloud-based distributed applications. He has lived in Portugal (Lisbon), Brazil (São Paulo), Spain (Madrid, Barcelona), Netherlands (Hilversum), and Belgium (Gent), and, currently, he is based in the UK (London), where he focuses on educating and inspiring other developers. He has spent hundreds of hours in pairing sessions as well as coaching and mentoring developers at all levels of proficiency. His tutoring experience covers almost every aspect of software development: programming basics, object-oriented and functional design principles, refactoring legacy applications, pragmatic testing practices, architectural decisions, and career development choices. Follow Pedro on Twitter at @pedromsantos.

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