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What is the most shocking truth ever revealed to you?

Shankar Bhatt
Updated on 25-Jun-2020 11:57:13
I was away from home for my studies and one day I got the news that my father is no more. This loss shook me from the core so much that I embraced smoking and I don’t know when it became an addiction. I could not conceal my addiction from my mom and was caught one day. She did not say a word at that moment and simply left. I woke up late the next morning by the time she left for her office. While having breakfast, I saw a note under the coasters’ stand. I pulled it and started ... Read More

What will you do to make your man go crazy in love with you?

Updated on 28-Apr-2022 07:00:15
Love is an ultimate feeling that doesn't abide by any rules set by society or people. It is the most beautiful sensation that never ceases to offer pleasant surprises to you in various turns of life.Constricting the Attention of your ManIt is not an easy task to drive the undivided attention of your man towards you. Rather it takes acute smartness and proper implementation of calculated steps to become the sole owner of your man's mind.How to Make the Man Crazy for You?Love dwells peacefully between the two souls who are entwined with each other. However, there are scenarios, where ... Read More

What are the things I have to do every morning when I wake up?

Shankar Bhatt
Updated on 25-Jun-2020 12:00:28
Not much! Simply do these three things and observe a significant change in your life.

What if a girl slaps you without any reason?

Shankar Bhatt
Updated on 18-May-2022 11:34:21
First of all, nobody slaps anyone for no reason. Even if a girl does, I will slap her back and that too very hard. I know what are you thinking after reading this.What kind of creepy fellow is this? How can he slap a girl just like that? This is extremely inhuman, and blah, blah, blah….Right?But don’t you guys think we become judgmental in no time. Yes, we do.Just give it thought, what if I remain silent even after being badly thrashed by a silly girl who has hit me without thinking twice and at least without any clue. Just ... Read More

Why do people drug and how can they control this addiction?

sahas salguti
Updated on 25-Jun-2020 14:10:44
People use drugs in order to escape tensions in their life. When you use drugs, it feels as though you can achieve anything in life, but people tend to forget that it's just the feeling you get for that particular moment. It is a proven fact that drug will have adverse effects on your health and life.People use drugs to change their lives, they think drugs help you being confident and gives you a good personality. They think drugs help you achieve these qualities:To Fit in SocietyPeople use drugs so that they can fit into society. When people are not confident ... Read More

What are the best rehabilitation centres to help drug addicts?

Shanmukh Pasumarthy
Updated on 26-Jun-2020 09:41:55
The advantages of letting go of your addictions and changing into a life of recovery are unlimited and worthy. Finding the best treatment community for drug addiction is the most important factor for a successful recovery. The best treatment centers have experienced staff and high rates of achievement in treating those in recovery.Hazelden Betty Ford – NationwideThe Hazelden Betty Ford Center is a standout among the best and is a recognized addiction treatment center in the USA. They have numerous recovery organizations from the west toward the east coast.Hazelden Betty Ford utilizes proof based treatment, the conventional 12-stage program, and ... Read More

What are the good addictions which a student has to cultivate?

Shanmukh Pasumarthy
Updated on 26-Jun-2020 09:42:28
In this highly competitive world, one has to be exceptionally brilliant to survive. Comparatively, students face the highest competition in their life. Here we are discussing some positive habits that students have to make by choice to achieve success in life.There are few addictions which the student has to deliberately get indulged in order to succeed in life, as student life is the main phase which paves the path to the bright future of a person.Making a Study PlanThis appears like a totally easy decision yet toppers never neglect to appropriately plan their future.On the off chance that you are ... Read More

When you are studying and want to eat something, what are the best snacks?

Shanmukh Pasumarthy
Updated on 26-Jun-2020 09:46:44
To study effectively, proper function of the brain and body is required. Studying for long hours needs high concentration and energy, hence a proper diet is important during that time. We can take snack breaks in our study time which could help us give enough nutrition.The following items can be taken as snacks in the break time.ApplesApples are available in almost all seasons and are one of the most cultivated and consumed fruits in the world. Apples are continuously being praised as a "miracle food", as they are rich in antioxidants, flavonoids, and dietary fiber.Apples boost the production of acetylcholine ... Read More

Why do we forget things? Is it normal?

Shanmukh Pasumarthy
Updated on 26-Jun-2020 10:43:27
It is quite normal to forget things even in elders and youngsters. Forgetting things need not be a medical condition all the time, and every memory loss need not be associated with Alzheimer's or Dementia. Even healthy people can forget things at times. There can be many reasons for such normal memory problems.AbsentmindednessBlockingBiasStress and anxietyMultitaskingRetrieval failureDepressionFading away with age

What’s the hardest you’ve ever laughed in your life?

Shanmukh Pasumarthy
Updated on 26-Jun-2020 10:50:48
This happened in our first year of B.Tech. We were new to the University atmosphere and the new found wings were encouraging us to fly. One day our whole batch (a group of 6 boys) decided to bunk the class and go to watch Mahesh Babu's new movie. We all got neatly dressed and reached Prasad's Imax by 10. The show starts at 10.45 and we were going around and checking out the mall.Suddenly, My friend Murali's phone rang and he picked up the phone involuntarily without thinking much.His dad was on the other side asking "Where are you?". Murali ... Read More