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Hospice Care: Meaning and Significance

Mukesh Kumar
Updated on 04-Jan-2023 12:50:32


Several chronic diseases are diagnosed among patients around the globe who come to know about their expected life has a limited time left when their condition can no longer be treated. The best way to accept the harsh reality is through Hospice care which invests not on the medical aspect but the emotional and spiritual aspects of the person's life. When the medical specialist, family members, and friends come together with a motive to improve the experience and lifestyle of the patients for all the time they are left with their life, they take farewell in peace Where there is ... Read More

Health Promoting Behaviors: Meaning & Significance

Mukesh Kumar
Updated on 04-Jan-2023 12:46:15


The term "health promotion" implies a preventative stance rather than a curative one. Instead of focusing on how to deal with potential threats to one's health, it emphasizes proactive measures that individuals can take. Through a wide range of treatments and techniques, public health equips individuals to take responsibility for those decisions and well-being. The program aims to improve mental safety through training, raise public awareness within folk's regular settings, including schools, workplaces, and outdoor venues, and fortify healthcare insurance institutions. Meaning of Health Promoting Behaviors Primary prevention is an interdisciplinary field that uses biology, ecology, psychology, physics, and ... Read More

Health and Well-Being: Meaning & Significance

Mukesh Kumar
Updated on 04-Jan-2023 12:42:43


What is health? Is it an absence of physical illness, so one is healthy? If one is skiing, is s/he healthy or weak? If one eats a good amount of food, Is s/he healthy? If one is focused on eating a little amount of food, can one be considered healthy? Everyone has their definition of health, and this is also affected by the culture that we are brought up in. Is well-being only related to the physical aspect of health? If we are not healthy, does that indicate we are not well, or vice versa? Are Health and well-being related ... Read More

Happiness Disposition: Meaning and Significance

Mukesh Kumar
Updated on 03-Jan-2023 13:10:17


People search for happiness, yet the meaning of that word might vary between individuals. When discussing what it means to be happy, most individuals are likely referring to their current emotional state or their outlook on life overall. Excitement, satisfaction, and a sense of accomplishment are hallmarks of a happy disposition. One common description of pleasure is the presence of joyful feelings and a sense of contentment with one's life. Meaning of Happiness Disposition A happy attitude includes feelings of elation, fulfillment, and success. However, contentment may be understood in several ways. However, the word is often linked to ... Read More

Fight or Flight Response: Meaning & Significance

Mukesh Kumar
Updated on 03-Jan-2023 13:02:56


The phrase "fight-or-flight" refers to the two options our forebears had to confront threats in the wild. The physical and mental changes that occur in reaction to tension help to ready the body to respond in the face of adversity. American biologist Walter Bowman first described the combat reflex in the 1910s. It dawned on Cannon that the body may respond to danger by setting in motion a series of processes that happen very quickly and mobilize the brain's reserves. It is now accepted that the fight-or-flight reaction represents the beginning of the stress response, as described by Hans Selye's ... Read More

Factors Affecting Positive Health

Mukesh Kumar
Updated on 03-Jan-2023 13:00:49


Every person should be aware of the importance of health in life. If one would like to be happy, then being healthy is necessary, as well as telling others about health's importance. Being healthy means, one should have overall physical and mental fitness. Daily exercise and a good nutritious diet are the keys to good health. Today people have various problems because they are not mentally and physically fit enough. If people train their minds and body properly, they can achieve true happiness. Meaning of Positive Health Positive health describes a state beyond the mere absence of disease. ... Read More

ERG Theory in Psychology

Mukesh Kumar
Updated on 03-Jan-2023 12:58:54


Clayton Alderfer proposed the ERG hypothesis. ERG is an acronym that stands for Existence, Relatedness, and Growth. Existence, relatedness, and development lead to three categories of demands central to this theory. Maslow proposed five types of needs, grouped in order of priority. According to ERG theory, there are three levels of needs. More than one need might be active simultaneously, and if the individual's higher need is denied, he considers boosting the lower-level need. If a societal need is not met, his demand for more money and better working circumstances may grow. Unsatisfaction with higher-level demands may lead to an ... Read More

Emotional Aspect of Chronic Disease

Mukesh Kumar
Updated on 03-Jan-2023 13:14:01


Today one in every four people suffers from a chronic disease like cancer, cardiovascular disease, TB, Alzheimer, etc. Markets like health care, medicine, and pharmaceuticals are growing exponentially due to the increase in diseases around people worldwide. Every day several people report a new case of critical chronic illness which ultimately adds up to be the patient at the end of the day. Often these people go through mental and emotional breakdowns due to the new lifestyle they unwillingly have to adapt to prevent an increase in the cause of their condition. They suffer mentally thinking about their long-duration treatments ... Read More

Difference Between Acute and Chronic Pain

Mukesh Kumar
Updated on 03-Jan-2023 12:55:31


Distinct clinical entities—acute pain and chronic pain—have been identified. Acute pain is short-lived and connected with muscle tissue spasms and sympathetic stimulation; it is also triggered by a particular illness or injury and serves a beneficial biologic function. In comparison, chronic illness may represent a medical condition in and of itself. Chronic pain is suffering that persists beyond what would be expected, given the nature of the underlying illness or damage. There is no biological reason for chronic back pain, and it often has no clear endpoint. Pain, both acute and chronic, is a major concern in the United States, ... Read More

Death Education: Meaning and Significance

Mukesh Kumar
Updated on 03-Jan-2023 12:49:31


Death teaching is a kind of funeral education to increase the deeply personal dimensions of death. Grief counseling is the major emphasis, while instruction on the physiological elements of dying is sometimes included. Thanatology, "the study of death, " is the proper name for death instruction. The term "thanatology" was coined from two Greek words: "Thanatos, " which means "dying, " as well as "logy, " which means "a study" or "an organized knowledge - base." A thanatology is an expert in the realm of death and dying. The term "death education" describes how one prepares for and processes death. ... Read More