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Porter and Lawler's Theory of Motivation

Mukesh Kumar
Updated on 04-Jan-2023 13:43:51

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The many facets of motivation we have been considering thus far are brought together in Lyman Porter and Edward Lawler's comprehensive theory of motivation, which also uses two additional factors. Despite relying heavily on Vroom's prediction algorithm, motivation can be better understood through Porter and Lawler's approach. Their research on managers has also made use of this approach. Here, a multivariate model is used to explain the link between being happy at work and being productive. What is the Porter and Lawler Theory of Motivation? In their theory of motivation, Porter and Lawler postulated that rewards might boost morale and ... Read More

Placebo Effect: Meaning and Significance

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The human mind is the strongest thing in the world. Human civilization has achieved wonders by using 9-11 percent of their brains. The human race must find out the mysteries of the mind. The brain's real capabilities are still a concern for researchers, scientists, psychologists, and doctors. The placebo effect is one of the unknown phenomena of the human mind. The human mind is defined by the experiences and knowledge he gains throughout his life, be it at any age. The human brain weighs around 3 pounds and contains more than 10, 000, 000, 000 neurons cells to carry information. ... Read More

Pain and Personality

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It all started with the Big Bang, now with a brief history of over 200, 000 years of human beings seeking its purpose of existence. From the Ages of the Invention of fire, the wheel, and stones to Google, Artificial intelligence, and Tesla human species have continuously evolved. Nevertheless, what of all is ignored in our Huge but brief history of ours is that the Trial and error method resulted in numerous failures and efforts made behind a subject and inventions, which resulted in enormous examples of pain and suffering. With this continuous effort, several failures gave history to many ... Read More

Nutrition and Health: Meaning & Significance

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Walking down memory lane, we might remember how our parents always tell us to eat healthily and avoid junk food. Additionally, frequent stomach upsets or other health implications occur when eating unhealthy food. Alternatively, even the lethargy that we constantly feel when not eating adequately. What does all of this entail? Meaning of Nutrition and Health The central focus of systematic investigations is the connection between nutrition and lifestyle. Numerous domestic and international academic institutions have concentrated their studies on the connection between diet and health for about thirty years. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), a state ... Read More

Negative Emotions: Meaning & Significance

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Let us imagine a few scenarios and try to elucidate the nature of emotions we might feel in those instances. A close friend of ours has scored higher marks than us despite them repeatedly assuring us that they had not prepared well. A family member we dearly loved has recently passed away. We let go of our dream university due to financial circumstances Meaning of Negative Emotion "An uncomfortable or unpleasant emotion that is produced in people to convey a detrimental impact toward some occurrence or someone" is how Pam (2013) characterizes negative emotional states. While we can categorize ... Read More

Lifestyle Disease: Meaning & Types

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Everyone must have heard of people who have had a heart attack in the past and need to limit their diet. Blood pressure problems are very common in India and have been on the rise. Everyone knows at least one person who suffers from fluctuations in blood pressure. Has anyone noticed which factors could have led to these diseases and for how many years those changes have accumulated that caused a sudden heart attack or any other coronary disease? What are Lifestyle Diseases? Lifestyle Diseases or Non-communicable diseases cannot be transferred from one person to another, primarily caused by the ... Read More

Lifestyle and the Quality of Life

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A healthy person has physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual balance within himself. Maintenance of the body to prevent illness and diseases. Physical balance is when a person can perform all the activities in his daily life without facing any difficulties. It includes strength, stamina, and flexibility of the body. The mental aspect is the most important part of a person's overall health. It may affect the person's thinking, behavior, and perspective positively or negatively. Most of the time, the physical aspect of health highly depends upon the mental one. Spiritual balance is when a person finds hope and meaning in ... Read More

Invisible Illness: Meaning & Types

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We often say that every person has their battles to fight. Globally, many people suffer from more than one disease but are not treated even once in their lifetime. A person may seem normal in their day-to-day life and healthy but have a serious illness along with him. These people usually get ignored as they do not show any signs or symptoms of illness. People see what they believe; hence, invisible illness is rising gradually. People who go through such diseases are often misunderstood and feel lonely as they cannot project their sickness due to emotional and mental reasons. With ... Read More

Ill-Health: Meaning & Causes

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As the world continuously changes, new health concepts emerge as a combination of various thought processes worldwide. Human beings constantly strive to achieve good health individually, in a community, or even as a country. However, when one looks around, one concludes that health all over the globe is variable Ill-Health Meaning A person's health may also depend upon his profession, income, society, and education. The determinants of health depend upon money, power, and resources at a local, national and international level resulting in the variation of the health of different groups of people living in different areas of the ... Read More

Hypertension: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

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Nearly 1 billion people suffer from increased blood pressure, and 1 in every four is affected by increased blood pressure globally. At the same time, 70 percent of them remain untreated for most of their lives. In these figures, about half of the patients find out they are living with hyperpiesis much later in life. Hypertension is the same thing as high blood pressure or hyperpiesis, and it is one of the biggest reasons people die at a less age. Increased blood pressure can lead to many other heart illness symptoms, sometimes resulting in episodes and congestive heart failures. The ... Read More