Area of triangle formed by the axes of co-ordinates and a given straight line?

Here we will see how to get the area of a triangle formed by the x and y axis and another straight line. The diagram will be look like below. The equation of the straight line is −


The line is cutting the x-axis at the point B, and cutting the y-axis at the point A. The intercept form will be like below −

So the x-intercept is −𝑐∕𝑎 and y-intercept is −𝑐∕𝑏 . So the area of the triangle is


 Live Demo

using namespace std;
double areaTriangle(double a, double b, double c){
   return fabs((c*c) / (2*a*b));
main() {
   double a = -2, b = 4, c = 3;
   cout << "Area: " << areaTriangle(a, b, c);


Area: 0.5625