Are punctuation marks a guide to good communication?

Punctuation marks date back to at least the 5th century BC when there were hardly any insights to writing and there were only capital letters. While the basic rules of communication are not difficult to understand, still a confusion always bothers us during our interaction using British English or American English.

Uses of Punctuation Marks

  • They help us in depicting our emotions in a better manner.
  • Quotation marks to emphasize words and phrases.
  • Quotation marks are used for purposes of dialogue, quotes, and titles.
  • Comma, semicolon are also used to denote minor pauses while sleeping.
  • Ellipses indicate the omission of words within something that is being quoted.
  • Punctuation marks such as full-stop are used to denote a pause while speaking.
  • In poetry, the poet speaks to the readers, then these punctuation marks are used.
  • Exclamatory marks are used to denote the surprise/shock element in usual speech.