Archery - Equipment

Archery is the oldest sport and was one of the games in the Olympics held in 1900. The game can be played by both males and females. Archery is considered as one of the safest games in the world. Many strict rules and regulations are followed to make the game safe. There are many pieces of equipment used in this game and we will discuss them in detail.

Arm Guards

Arm guards are worn on the shooting hand in the forearm below the elbow. This is safety equipment as the hands of the archers are saved from bruises and other injuries. These injuries can occur when stretching the bowstring with the arrow for a shot.


Arrows are long rods that have to be shot by stretching them on a bowstring and leaving them. Many materials are used to make these arrows but the most common is the specialized carbon fiber as they do not bend and also cannot be broken easily. Other materials used to make these arrows are wood, aluminum, and fiberglass.

Arrows are used with bows and are shot at the target to earn more and more points to win the game. Special arrows are used for hunting animals. Arrows are available in the games stores in a set of 6 or 12.

Arrow Rest

Arrow rest is a device that is used to attach it to the bow when a shot has to be made. Arrow rest helps archers to position the arrow correctly. Arrow rests are of different types and they include −

  • Plunger rest

  • Drop-away rest

  • Whisker biscuit rest

  • Prong rest

  • V-bar rest

Archers should choose arrow rests that are comfortable to use and are compatible with their shooting style.

Arrow Tip

The arrow tip is also known as point and it is the pointed tip of the arrow which has to be pierced into the target after the shot. The arrow tip is made up of metal and is available in different designs and shapes. These designs include field points, broad heads, and target points.

Field points consist of bullet-shaped tips and are included in the arrows for target practice. Broadheads consist of sharp cutting edges and are used for hunting. Arrows having target points are used in competitions.

Arrow Fletches

Fletches are attached to the arrows and they are available in the form of vanes or feathers. The fletching is very important as it is responsible for stabilizing the arrows which are on their way to the target. Natural feathers or plastic are used to make these fletches. Different types of fletching include helical, straight, and parabolic. Archers need to choose proper fletching as it can affect the flight of arrows.


Bags are available for the archers to carry all their pieces of equipment which they will use in the game. Bags are available in different shapes and sizes and archers can choose the one suitable for their requirements. Bags can have a lot of compartments, straps, and pockets to store different pieces of equipment. Some bags also have a separate compartment for the bow. Durable materials are used to make these bags to protect the equipment from wear and tear.


Another essential piece of equipment used in archery is the bow. Bows consist of a string which is stretched by keeping an arrow which is shot at the target to get points. Archery bows are of two types which include compound bow and recurve bow. Recurve bows consist of an arch while compound bows consist of rigid shafts.

Bow Sights

The bow sight is a tool which is used by archers to focus on the target. Bow sight consists of pins which help the archers to shoot the target easily. Bow sights are of two types which include fixed pin bow sight and single pin bow sight. The fixed pin bow sight cannot be adjusted as the pin is fixed at a specific point. Single pin can be easily adjusted by archers as per their requirements. Fixed pin bow sights are better for beginners while experienced archers are able to use the single pin bow sights.

Bow Stand

A bow stand is used to keep the bow when it is not in use.

Chest Guards

Chest guards are worn over the shirt or the uniform to protect the chest from missed shots or string contraction. An adjustable strap is also available which can be used to fasten the guard. Chest guards are light in weight and do not cause a problem while shooting.


A crossbow is a bow which is used to shoot the arrows at short distances. There is a long frame in the bow and it looks similar to the capital T when kept horizontally. The speed of the arrows shot from this bow is faster than other bows. The bow also consists of a trigger so chances of human error is low.

Finger Tabs

A finger tab is needed to protect the fingers from the string of the bow. Finger tabs are available in the form of small devices which are worn on the fingers to protect them from injury while making a shot. Leather or synthetic materials are used for making these finger tabs. These finger tabs are easily adjustable so they can fit in any finger easily. Archers need to choose comfortable finger tabs which are easy to wear and are compatible with the bow.


Gloves are pieces of equipment that are worn on the palms and help the archers to make a grip on the bow and arrow. Gloves are also worn for the protection of fingers from injuries. Gloves made up of leather are durable.


Quivers are the cases in which the arrows are kept. Archers can store any kind of arrows in their quiver. A quiver consists of a strap and the case is located in such a way that archers can access the arrows easily. Quivers help the archers to keep both their hands free as arrows are kept in them.


Rangefinders are used to find the accurate range of the target from a distance. It can also be used to view long distances of the target.


The central part of the bow is called the bow riser. Grip along with other attachments are located here. This part of the bow is made up of wood, aluminum, and other materials. It is the part which archers use to hold the bow. The risers are used for making a connection between the upper and lower limbs. Bow risers are available in different designs, sizes, and shapes.


Silencers are used to reduce noise and friction.

Spotting Scopes

Spotting scopes work in the same way as a camera. It is not attached directly to the bow. The equipment consists of a lens which archers can use for zooming the target.


Stabilizers can be attached to bows for stability and balance. Stabilizers have to be chosen on the basis of the ways archers want to shoot.


Targets are the important pieces of equipment which are used in the archery sport to earn points. Targets are available in round shapes and have rings with different colors. The points are given on the basis of where an arrow lands. If the arrow lands on the outermost ring, one point is awarded. If the arrow hits the center, ten points are awarded.

Target Stand

A target stand is a stand on which the target is fixed. The target stand is located at a particular distance and archers have to shoot the arrows on the target.