Appvalley Alternatives

What is Appvalley?

Appvalley is an app which helps you to download other apps. Many other times of unnecessary files are also downloaded which have to be deleted. Appvalley has a lot of games which you can download for free. The apps that you can download are social media platforms, games, and many others. Apps can be tweaked after download. The app is not available of Google Play Store. You have to search it on the internet and download it.

Cost of Appvalley

Appvalley is available for free and you can download any app without paying any cost.

Why Appvalley alternatives?

There are many disadvantages with Appvalley and some of them have been listed here −

  • Update notifications are frequent

  • Finding the right app takes a lot of time

  • Some apps available in Appvalley have errors

How to choose an Appvalley Alternative?

Appvalley comes with a lot of features and benefits and some of them are listed below −

  • A large number of free apps available

  • User interface is attractive

  • App reviews also available

Top 10 Appvalley Alternatives

There are many alternatives to Appvalley available and we will discuss some of them here in detail.

Alternative 1 – Tutu

Tutu app comes with a lot of features and is compatible with many platforms. New games are uploaded daily on the app Many games, tweaks, and apps are available on Tutu and they can be easily downloaded. No registration is needed to download apps. Tutu app has free and paid variants and the cost is $12.99 per year.


  • Two variants available – free and paid

  • Tutu is frequently updated with new apps and games

  • Apps can be installed securely

Alternative 2 – TweakBox

TweakBox consists of 3rd part apps for iPad and iPhone. Download and install the app to use it on your mobile. User interface of the app is simple and you can find apps related to different categories like games, finance, business, finance, sports, and many more. No technical knowledge is needed to use the app. The app can be uninstalled successfully along with its app store.


  • Collection of useful apps

  • No technical knowledge is needed to use the app

  • Apps of different categories available

Alternative 3 – TweakDoor

TweakDoor is another alternative to Appvalley in which a lot of tweaks and games are available. No Apple ID is needed to install the app. TweakDoor has many similarities with Panda Helper app and you can use anyone to download your favorite apps.


  • Have different types of apps and tweaks

  • No Apple ID is needed to install the app

Alternative 4 – GetApk

GetApk is considered as one of the best alternatives to Appvalley. The app consists of a lot of Android apps and games which you can install easily on your phone. The user interface is easy to understand and follow and you can navigate to your favorite apps easily. A newsletter is also available which helps you to get latest updates about the new apps.


  • GetApk has many Android apps and games

  • Friendly user interface

  • Access and download different apps easily

Alternative 5 – OpenAppMkt

OpenAppMkt has a lot of apps for download. You can find free and paid apps on this platform. It also has a great collection of cracked varieties of apps. You can download the apps for free. The app is compatible with Android and iOS. If you want a platform for downloading different kinds of apps, OpenAppMkt is the best one


  • A lot of apps available

  • Cracked versions of apps available

  • Compatible with Android and iOS

Alternative 6 – Sileo

Sileo has a feature of jailbreaking and it is considered as one of the best alternatives for Appvalley and can be found to be downloaded through the Apple App Store. The app is compatible with iOS 11 and above. It was developed as an alternative but now it has become a standalone app.


  • Compatible with iOS 11 and above

  • The platform has a lot of apps

  • Apps tweaks and themes can be easily downloaded

Alternative 7 – Panda Helper

Panda Helper is an app for social media lovers. You can find different social media apps like YouTube++, Tinder Plus, Snapchat Plus, Instagram++ and many more. Game emulators are also available on this app. These game emulators will allow you to play games by using old consoles. The user interface of Panda is more easy to use than Appvalley.


  • User-friendly interface

  • Lots of games and social media apps

  • Game emulators available

Alternative 8 – AltStore

AltStore is an app which helps you to download AltServer on Mac or Windows device. You just need to download and install the app on your device. The user interface of the app is easy to understand and use. There are many categories like games, business, finance, and others. Apps are installed through the AltServer.


  • The user interface is simple and easy to use

  • Apps can be installed and used easily

  • Different categories of apps are available

Alternative 9 – AppsDrop

AppsDrop is a popular alternative to Appvalley and has been developed for Android devices. You will not be able to find any iOS apps on this platform. It has a large inventory of cracked premium and free apps. You can navigate to the apps easily as the user interface is quite user-friendly. AppsDrop also has a forum where you can discuss about those apps which you have downloaded but they are not working properly.


  • Find cracked premium applications

  • iOS apps not available

  • Easy navigation through the user-friendly interface

Alternative 10 – ACMarket

ACMarket is an Android store which has an attractive and simple user interface. The ACMarket app has a wide collection of different types of other apps which can be easily downloaded on Android phones. You need to make a user ID to navigate the website and download games. The app also has a forum to discuss about those apps which are not working.


  • A wide variety of apps available to be downloaded

  • Attractive user interface

  • Made for the Android platform


Appvalley is an app that consists of other apps which can be downloaded and installed easily. You will get frequent update notifications and it takes a lot of time to find the desired app. There are many alternatives to Appvalley that come with better features. You can download and install these apps to find other apps for your choice.

Updated on: 02-Jun-2023


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