Apple Pencil Alternatives

What is Apple Pencil?

Apple launched Apple Pencil in 2015 as the first stylus for the iPad Pro. The tool can be used to take notes, sketching, and do other types of pencil work. Currently, the first or second generation of Apple Pencil can be used with Apple iPads. The pencil has a small plastic tip which is used to make a connection with Apple iPad. It can be said that an Apple Pencil is similar to the traditional pencil and can be used for working on Apple iPad in a similar way as traditional pencils did on paper.

Cost of Apple Pencil

The cost Apple Pencil of the second generation is Rs. 11,900 in India.

Why there is a need for Apple Pencil Alternatives?

The main reason to look for an Apple Pencil alternative is the price. Apple products are launched with the best features but the cost is very high. Apple Pencils have many alternatives but may have less features in comparison to the Apple product.

How to choose an Apple Pencil Alternative?

Apple Pencil has many features and you need to check whether these features are available in the alternative of your choice. The features of the Apple Pencil are listed here −

  • Write in any type of text field

  • Handwritten notes can be converted into text easily

  • Draw shapes easily

  • The Apple Pencil has a pressure sensitivity feature

  • Software updates are completed while charging

  • Palm Rejection

  • Compatibility with all generations of iPads

  • Charging time

  • Battery life

Top 10 Apple Pencil Alternatives

Alternative 1 – Logitech Crayon

The Logitech Crayon pencil received approval from Apple to be used on the company's products. It is an affordable alternative to the Apple Pencil. The durable and stylish Logitech Crayon pencil can be used continuously for 7 hours. It also gets charged fully within 30 minutes. It is compatible to work with all generations of Apple iPad.


  • Can be used comfortably

  • Has palm rejection feature

  • Compatible with all generations of iPad


  • Available at an affordable price

  • Approved by Apple

  • Has tilt sensitivity and palm rejection feature


  • Pressure sensitivity feature is not available

  • Not as sensitive as Apple Pencil

Alternative 2 – Adonit Note+

The Adonit Note+ is a close alternative to the Apple Pencil. It is the best product for digital artists as it has similar features compared to Logitech Crayon and Apple Pencil. Palm rejection and pressure sensitivity features are available in this product. It can work with most of the Apple iPads and It also has USB-C charging. The Adonit Note+ Pencil can be used continuously for 10 hours.


  • The tip has pressure sensitivity and tilt features

  • The Pencil can be connected to other devices through Bluetooth

  • Fine points to perform precision tasks


  • Pressure sensitivity

  • Can be used continuously for 10 hours

  • Has compatibility with most of the iPads


  • USB-C charging is required to charge the pencil

Alternative 3 – Adonit Pixel

Adonit Pixel Stylus is another product from Adonit that can be an excellent alternative to the Apple Pencil. The Adonit product is enabled with Bluetooth feature. The Adonit Pixel pencil is compatible with most Apple iPads. The pressure sensitivity of the pencil is 2,048 levels. The battery of the pencil has a life of 15 hours and it can be charged easily.


  • The pencil has programmable shortcut buttons

  • The pressure sensitivity of the product is excellent

  • Long battery life


  • Pressure sensitivity is very high

  • The pencil has compatibility with many apps and iPads


  • Buttons in the pencil can sometimes be over sensitive

  • Palm rejection can be spotty

Alternative 4 – Zagg Pro Stylus

The Zagg Pro Stylus is a pencil which has universal compatibility. The pencil consists of two tips out of which one can be used as a passive stylus and the other can be used as an active one. Great battery life and wireless connectivity are other features available in this pencil. Pressure sensitivity is not available but you can find palm rejection and tilt sensitivity.


  • The pencil has excellent tilt feature

  • The battery life is of 8 hours

  • The pencil has two tips


  • Long battery life

  • Dual-tip design

  • Affordable price


  • Pressure sensitivity feature does not exist

  • USB-C connection is needed to charge the battery

Alternative 5 – Adonit Dash 4

Adonit Dash 4 is an Apple Pencil alternative that has the ability to work with all devices whether it is iPad, iPhone, and Android tablets. It is a drawing pen which comes with the feature of palm rejection. Bluetooth connectivity and Pressure sensitivity features are not available. The battery life of the pencil is 15 hours.


  • Compatible with Apple and Android devices

  • Get charged in less time

  • Battery life is of 15 hours


  • Palm rejection

  • Lightweight

  • Available at affordable price


  • Tilt support not available

  • No pressure sensitivity

Alternative 6 – Meko Universal Stylus

The Meko Universal Stylus is one of the cheapest alternatives to the Apple Pencil. The pencil comes with basic features and the nib can be used comfortably. The disc on the nib will let you know where you are making a drawing. The disc tip and the fiber tip can be replaced easily.


  • Nib can be used comfortably

  • The disc tip and the fiber tips can be easily replaced

  • Cheapest alternative to the Apple Pencil


  • Universally compatible

  • Has dual-tip design

  • Tips can be easily replaced

  • Available at an affordable price


  • No advanced features

  • Screen can be damaged through the disc

Alternative 7 – ZSpeed Stylus

The ZSpeed Stylus is a highly sensitive pencil which consists of a lithium-ion battery. The battery life is in the range of 10 to 12 hours depending on the usage. The stylus is universally compatible with all kinds of devices that have a capacitive touchscreen. Palm rejection, pressure sensitivity, and tilt features are not available but the device is available at an affordable price.


  • The sensitivity of the pencil is very high

  • The stylus can be used on any device having a capacitive touchscreen

  • It has wireless connectivity


  • Sensitivity is very high

  • Can work for 10 to 12 hours

  • Available at an affordable price


  • The stylus is not compatible with all iPad apps

  • Micro-USB charging is required

  • No advanced features

Alternative 8 – JamJake K10 Stylus Pen

The JamJake K10 Stylus Pen is considered as a better alternative to the Apple Pencil. The pen is available at an affordable price and is compatible with iPads launched after 2018. Pressure sensitivity and Bluetooth connectivity are not available in this pen. You can make shapes and take notes easily.


  • Compatible with all iPads after 2018

  • Can be sued for sketching and taking notes


  • Cheaper than Apple Pencil

  • Can be used comfortably

  • Palm rejection feature available


  • Pressure sensitivity not available

  • No Bluetooth connectivity

Alternative 9 – Adonit Pro 4

Adonit Pro 4 is available at an affordable price in comparison to the Apple Pencil. The pencil does not have wireless features but has a polycarbonate disc tip. The tip can interact with the touchscreen easily without any scratches. The device comes with basic features and is good for taking notes and sketching.


  • Note-taking and sketching are easy

  • Compatible with older iPads

  • Has a polycarbonate disc tip


  • Disc design is scratchless

  • Available at an affordable price


  • Palm rejection feature is unavailable

  • Lack of wireless and pressure sensitivity features

Alternative 10 – ESR Stylus

The ESR Stylus comes with a magnetic attachment feature which helps to attach it to an iPad easily. Palm rejection and tilt sensitivity features are also available in this device. The tip is very sensitive so drawing on an iPad can be done easily. The pressure sensitivity feature is not available with the alternative.


  • Magnetic attachment

  • Palm rejection and tilt sensitivity features

  • Easy for sketching and taking notes


  • Excellent battery life

  • Advanced features


  • Difficult to reach the power button

  • USB-C is required for charging


Apple Pencil comes with a lot of features and can be used with different generations of iPads. Due to the high price of the device, users may look for different alternatives. There are many alternatives that come with the same features as the Apple Pencil but are available at affordable prices and are compatible with all generations of iPads.