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AndroBugs Framework is an Android vulnerability analysis system that helps developers or hackers find potential security vulnerabilities in Android applications. We share our personal data through mobile apps if they are not secure its mean we not secured, let start Find vulnerability of android Mobile App - App security. Through this we can...

  • find vulnerability in App

  • check the code

  • Dangerous shell command

  • collect information of app


  • Basic knowledge of Linux

  • App which you test

  • Kali Linux Machine

Now clone the Androbug – Framework. This framework is android vulnerability scanner tool; This tool is help-full for hacker and android penetration tester.

  • git clone

  • cd AndroBugs_Framework

  • python -f /root/Desktop/Secure.apk -o /root/Desktop/result

Updated on 29-Sep-2020 11:08:24