Advance browsing on android using uc browser

Now, as per the user’s requirement, mobile browser apps are continuously increasing as like desktop browser apps. Users who really like mobile browsing instead of desktop browsing, for them UC Browser is a pretty good option and free too.

UC Browser is a mobile browser given by UCWeb. First, it named as UC Mobile as a Java application that launched in April 2004. But, it is now supports platforms including Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Symbian, Java and Blackberry.

Recently, this browser app v3.0 has been updated for Android with lot of useful features like; handling online video, multi-touch gestures and font size and also that works very fast on Android devices. Overall, the browser is fast and user-friendly, and loads pages speedily.

UC Browser HD 3.0 provides built-in smart video player with gesture control to watch full screen YouTube videos on the browser. With simple navigation, user can adjust the volume, brightness, rewind and fast-forward, no need to go to the menu for all tasks. This smart player is compatible with several popular video sites like YouTube, Vimeo, and many-more.

Gestures are very significant part of UC Browser HD 3.0 update. Using this, user can switch from one tab to another by swiping two fingers to the left or right, and open or close tabs by swiping up or down, respectively. To go back or forward, swipe single finger left or right. The same gestures are already involved with Dolphin Browser HD, a chief challenger to UC Browser HD 3.0.

UC Browser HD says that it can automatically boost text on web pages like; news articles or forums. Also, provides Cloud Sync, using this user gets same bookmarks on two different Android devices that installed the browser.

It supports all previous versions features with Windows 8 UC Browser features like Page Preloader that speedily loads the contents of the next page for a quicker browsing skill.

UC Browser HD new feature download manager provides full support on Android devices that is very useful in supporting and saving multiple files, also facilitates to choose the page elements that user wants to save. This custom selection benefited to save files as per the requirement.

The app automatically loads a page that is most suitable for the connection speed. It is a very interesting feature, but there are some issues with this.

Its iPad version has very interesting social browsing feature, facilitates users to see links on Facebook that your friends share in the sidebar to open quickly. It also permits to load a floating video facilitate to watch the clip while on-going to browse pages.

UC Browser offers free download for Android, iPhone, iPad and other platforms.

Download: UC Browser HD for Android

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Updated on: 23-Oct-2019


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