Adapter Pattern in C++?

An adapter pattern is used to convert the interface of a class into an interface that is expected by the client. An adapter helps the programmer to make its classes work together and make sure the user requirement is fulfilled by making incompatible interfaces completable.

let's understand a bit more about the adapter pattern. The concept of adapter is taken from the real world. as in the real world We use adapters to connect things that are incompatible with each other. let's take an example, in modern day smartphones the 3.5 mm jack for earphones is missing, so the brands have come up with an adapter that connects the regular charging port of the smartphones to 3.5 mm jack. The same work is done by an adapter and programming too, i.e. connecting two dissimilar interfaces.

let's take a scenario where the adapter can be used and the program,

Suppose we have created a program that does some function, but declined expect some other type of object. so in this case, the programmer will use an adapter that will convert the original interface into the one requested by client.