A Preferred method to store PHP arrays (json_encode or serialize)?

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This depends on the requirements in hand.

JSON is quicker in comparison to PHP serialization unless the following conditions are met−

  • Deeply nested arrays are stored.
  • The objects that are stored need to be unserialized to a proper class.
  • The interaction is between old PHP versions that don't support json_decode.

The below line of code can be used to store PHP arrays using json_encode−

json_encode($array, JSON_UNESCAPED_UNICODE)

JSON doesn't store the object's original class anywhere, but it can be restored as class instances belonging to stdClass.

Why use json_encode instead of serializing?

  • JSON is much more portable in comparison to serialize.
  • The features of __sleep() and __wakeup() can't be leveraged using JSON.
  • By default, public properties are serialized with JSON. (If PHP version is >=5.4 JsonSerializable can be implemented to change the behavior).


 Live Demo

   // Array is declared
   $value = array(
   // json_encode() function is used
   $json = json_encode($value);
   // Displaying output


This will produce the following output−

Published on 30-Dec-2019 06:34:00