What is the use of Custom Extractor in SAP R/3 system?

In order to extract data from tables, you need to follow steps:

  • Create a View of the required table from where the data needs to be extracted or view over multiple joined tables
  • Navigate to Transaction SE11 and Select option 'View'. It will ask for a name, name it something like 'View_TableName'.
  • Select which all the fields of the tables needs to be extracted and click on activate
  • Go to Transaction RS02 and create a transaction extractor and name it something like 'Trans_TableName'
  • Specify the position of the created extractor in the component hierarchy.
  • If you want to provide descriptions, add it. Specify the view name and save it.
  • Besides using the view for DB extraction, the other ways to do the same are:

    • Using Function Modules
    •  Using SAP Query
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