What is the role of ignoring Case RegExp property in JavaScript?

ignoreCase is a read-only boolean property of RegExp objects. It specifies whether a particular regular expression performs case-insensitive matching, i.e., whether it was created with the "i" attribute.


You can try to run the following code to learn how to work with Ignore Case RegExp property in JavaScript.

      <title>JavaScript RegExp ignoreCase Property</title>
         var re = new RegExp( "string" );

         if ( re.ignoreCase ) {
            document.write("Test1-ignoreCase property is set");
         } else {
            document.write("Test1-ignoreCase property is not set");
         re = new RegExp( "string", "i" );

         if ( re.ignoreCase ) {
            document.write("<br/>Test2-ignoreCase property is set");
         } else {
            document.write("<br/>Test2-ignoreCase property is not set");

Updated on: 19-May-2020


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