What is the difference between objects and classes in C#?

C# has object and classes like Java. Objects are real-world entities and instance of a class. Access the members of the class using an object.

To access the class members, you need to use the dot (.) operator after the object name. The dot operator links the name of an object with the name of a member, for example,

Box Box1 = new Box();

Above you can see Box1 is our object. We will use it to access the members.

Box1.height = 3.0;

You can also use it to call member functions.


The following is an example showing how objects and class work in C#.


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using System;

namespace BoxApplication {
   class Box {
      private double length; // Length of a box
      private double breadth; // Breadth of a box
      private double height; // Height of a box

      public void setLength( double len ) {
         length = len;

      public void setBreadth( double bre ) {
         breadth = bre;

      public void setHeight( double hei ) {
         height = hei;

      public double getVolume() {
         return length * breadth * height;

   class Boxtester {
      static void Main(string[] args) {
         // Creating two objects
         Box Box1 = new Box(); // Declare Box1 of type Box
         Box Box2 = new Box();
         double volume;

         // using objects to call the member functions

         // box 2 specification

         // volume of box 1
         volume = Box1.getVolume();
         Console.WriteLine("Volume of Box1 : {0}" ,volume);

         // volume of box 2
         volume = Box2.getVolume();
         Console.WriteLine("Volume of Box2 : {0}", volume);



Volume of Box1 : 210
Volume of Box2 : 1560

Updated on: 22-Jun-2020


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