What does the interface ICloneable do in C#?

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The ICloneable interface creates a copy of the exisiting object i.e a clone.

It only has a single method −

  • Clone() − The clone() method creates a new object that is a copy of the current instance.

The following is an example showing how to perform cloning using Icloneable interface −


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using System;

class Car : ICloneable {
   int width;

   public Car(int width) {
      this.width = width;

   public object Clone() {
      return new Car(this.width);

   public override string ToString() {
      return string.Format("Width of car = {0}",this.width);

class Program {
   static void Main() {
      Car carOne = new Car(1695);
      Car carTwo = carOne.Clone() as Car;

      Console.WriteLine("{0}mm", carOne);
      Console.WriteLine("{0}mm", carTwo);


Width of car = 1695mm
Width of car = 1695mm
Updated on 20-Jun-2020 15:22:00