What are unary operators in C#?

The following are the unary operators in C# −

+ - ! ~ ++ -- (type)* & sizeof

Let us learn about the sizeof operator. The sizeof returns the size of a data type.

Let’s say you need to find the size of int datatype −


For double datatype −


Let us see the complete example to find the size of various datatypes −


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using System;

namespace Demo {

   class Program {

      static void Main(string[] args) {

         Console.WriteLine("The size of int is {0}", sizeof(int));
         Console.WriteLine("The size of int is {0}", sizeof(char));
         Console.WriteLine("The size of short is {0}", sizeof(short));
         Console.WriteLine("The size of long is {0}", sizeof(long));
         Console.WriteLine("The size of double is {0}", sizeof(double));



The size of int is 4
The size of int is 2
The size of short is 2
The size of long is 8
The size of double is 8

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Updated on: 20-Jun-2020


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