What ECMAScript 6 features can I currently use in web browsers?

The full form of ECMA is European Computer Manufacturer's Association. ECMAScript is a Standard for scripting languages such as JavaScript, JScript, etc. It is a trademark scripting language specification. JavaScript is a language based on ECMAScript. A standard for scripting languages like JavaScript, JScript is ECMAScript. JavaScript is considered as one of the most popular implementations of ECMAScript.

ECMAScript 6 is working fine on web browsers like Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari, etc:

  • 90% compatibility – Chrome
  •  80% compatibility - Microsoft Edge
  • 54% compatibility – Safari

Use ES6 using Babale pre-processor, which cross-compile JavaScript back to ECMAScript 5 compatible code.

Here are features of ECMAScript 6:

Arrow Functions
Declare a function with `=>` instead of to follow ES6 Arrow Functions. This avoids using the usual function expression.
ES6 Modules
ES6 provides modules as part of native JavaScript in the web browser. Modules clean up the code in easy to sustain chunks. This eventually helps in easing code maintenance.
JavaScript now has support for Classes with an ES6 release. ES6 has brought for OOP, like Inheritance, Constructors, etc.