VSATs (Very Small Aperture Terminals) is a two way, lost cost, ground micro station for transmitting data to and from communication satellites. A VSAT has a dish antenna with diameters between 75 cm to 1 m, which is very small in comparison with 10 m diameter of a standard GEO antenna. It accesses satellites in geosynchronous orbits or geostationary orbits. Data rates in VSATs ranges from 4 Kbps to 16 Mbps.

Configurations of VSATs

  • Star Topology − This has a central uplink site which transmits data from and to each VSAT through the satellite.

  • Mesh Topology − Each VSAT transmits data via the satellite to the other stations. The above diagram shows mesh topology of VSATs.

  • Combination of the above

Uses of VSATs

  • In narrowband data − e.g. point – of – sale transactions using debit cards or credit cards, RFID data

  • In broadband data − e.g. Internet access to remote locations, VoIP

  • Mobile communications

  • Maritime communications

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