Using client side XSLT transformations in HTML5

Client-side XSLTProcessor API is part of the HTML5 scripting specification, as stated below:

When an XSLT transformation program is triggered by a processing instruction and the browser implements a direct-to-DOM transformation, script elements created by the XSLT processor need to be marked "parser-inserted" and run in document o

The XSLTProcessor.transformToDocument() method adds elements to a Document that does not have a browsing context, and, accordingly, any script elements they create need to have their "already started" flag set in the prepare a script algorithm and never get executed (scripting is disabled). Such script elements still need to be marked "parser-inserted", though, such that their async IDL attribute will return false in the absence of an async content attribute.

Android 4.0 supports XLST, whereas iOS 2.0 and later also supports XLST.

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karthikeya Boyini

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