Use of SQL/MDX processor in SAP HANA Index server

SQL/MDX processor in HANA system processes all SQL and MDX statements executed in HANA system. SQL statements are generated for all the tables, schemas and MDX statements are raised for OLAP data processing. SQL stands for Structured Query Language and is Relational database language to manage two dimensional objects in HANA db.

MDX stands for Multi Dimension Expression and is an OLAP language for processing MDX statements for multidimensional models.

SQL/MDX Processor directs all the statement to relevant engines for processing and Engine optimization. It is used for authorization management in executing queries and Error handling while processing SQL/MDX statements.

Following functions are performed by SQL/MDX processor under Index Server −

  • Efficient processing of SQL/MDX statements and divide all the statements and direct them to correct engines for processing.
  • Procedure Calls are handled by Stored Procedure Processor and convert BW OLAP cubes to HANA optimized cubes for performing calculations and aggregations and parallel processing.
  • Error handling for efficiently handling all the transactions in HANA db.
Anil SAP Gupta
Anil SAP Gupta

SAP Expert