Upgrading to SAP ECC 6.0 from 4.6C


We have recently upgrade from SAP 4.6C to SAP ECC 6.0. We didn’t use r3 copy as it is recommended to use on same database. Solaris 10 is similar to Solaris 8 however database version will prevent the use of it.

Also note that you can have multiple instances of SAP on single host and user. Following steps we followed:

  • First is to install ECC and database on the target server.
  • Next is to copy ( backup and restore ) the database from the source system.
  • Upgrade the database to Oracle 10. Read sap documentation on this process. Some updates will be needed for the sap kernel (brconnect...) and db roles.
  • Run the sap upgrade process

You can also refer to SAP Upgrade documentation in Market Place. There are various blogs/threads that you can refer:

SAP thread

You can download SAP ECC upgrade guide by navigating to this path:

Download Link

Next is to click on SAP Business suite applications --> click on SAP ERP --> ERP 6.0 --> Upgrade.

If you have any doubts regarding SAP ECC 6.0  upgrade, you can refer below documentation about SAP ECC6.0 Upgrade. It covers all FAQ’s related to Ecc6.0 upgrade:

SAP Doc Link

Published on 25-Dec-2017 20:13:47