Understand more about roles in SAP system

On a high level, both the tables are almost same as both of them deal with storing details about profiles which are generated for a role.

Let’s talk about AGR_PROF first. It stores the text of the generated profile which is dependent on language. It stores profile Id as well. So, it results in having only at max one possible combination of a profile and language which is referred to a master profile.

To view further details about this Table “AGR_PROF” and the data within it using the relevant SAP transactions such as SE11, SE80 or SE16. Below shows SE11 T-Code −

Now let’s jump onto AGR_1016, It contains different entries for a single role. That means it can have more than one entry for a role. So if we talk about a number of rows in both the tables. It’s obvious that latter will have more entries when compared to former.

SAP_BC_JSF_COMMUNICATION is a role and is not associated with a pre-generated profile. So, if you had not generated the profile, then none of the tables will have an entry for it.