System measurement of SAP HANA system in XML file

In a Single-Database system, proceed as follows to perform a system measurement of your SAP HANA system, which includes the system measurement of the SAP HANA database itself as well as of the relevant options and products −

  • In the SAP HANA Studio, select your database in the navigator and choose Properties in the context menu of the system.
  • Click on the "Export System Measurement" button. A File Browser dialog opens up allowing you to store the result of the system measurement, the measurement report, as an XML file to your local file system.
  • Send this XML file to SAP as requested

The XML measurement export contains the overall maximal values of individual products as well as the peak values of individual products for individual months. For example, a license measurement export taken in April will contain the highest main memory utilization for each of the 12 preceding months: March, February, etc., if the values are available, and the highest main memory utilization of the current month.

All measurements for the HANA DB itself and other options and products are generally captured in the system view SYS.M_LICENSE_MEASUREMENTS

Run the following SQL statement to check all measurements for HANA db −