Steps to perform installation of SAP HANA plug-ins in Eclipse

Once Eclipse installation is done, open software and Navigate to Help → Install New Software

When you click on Install New Software, a new window will open. You have to enter work with URL for SAP HANA tools.

Enter the URL as per Eclipse Mars4.5

Enter the URL as per Eclipse Luna 4.4

When you enter URL and press ENTER key, it will display all the software installation options under Eclipse for these URL’s. You can also select different options: Show only the Latest version etc.

When you want to use SAP HANA cloud platform tools, you can also select this check box. It shows you list of other tools on the URL. Once you make the selection, click on Next button at the bottom.

On next page, you need to select the license agreement. Click on “I accept the terms of the License agreements”. Click on FINISH button to stat the installation process.

You can see the progress bar for installation and it will take several minutes to complete the installation process. You can also select it to run in background.