Stack Class in C#

Stack class represents a last-in, first out collection of object. It is used when you need a last-in, first-out access of items.

The following is the property of Stack class −

  • Count − Gets the number of elements in the stack.

The following are the methods of Stack class −

Sr.No.Method & Description
1public virtual void Clear();
Removes all elements from the Stack.
2public virtual bool Contains(object obj);
Determines whether an element is in the Stack.
3public virtual object Peek();
Returns the object at the top of the Stack without removing it.
4public virtual object Pop();
Removes and returns the object at the top of the Stack.
5public virtual void Push(object obj);
Inserts an object at the top of the Stack.
6public virtual object[] ToArray();
Copies the Stack to a new array.