SAP interfaces throws an error message "Completion Code 2, Reason 2161, MQJMS2002”

As per my understanding,  the only way to get the MQ jar files or the MQ C/C++ library files onto a system is by installing any of the below:

  • Using WebSphere MQ product or
  • Using WebSphere MQ Client SupportPacs

You can find jar file under WebSphere MQ V7.0 Clients SupportPacks. The install files are commonly available under java/lib directory.

You can try installing jar files from Fix Central. Go to Fix Central and enter "Java" in the Text search box.


The name of the file to be downloaded is in this format:


For example, for MQ V9.0:

You have the following files that can be moved to systems that need to run IBM MQ classes for Java applications:



Installation Steps

To run jar files, you need to have JRE installed on your machine and added to system path. Jar files are executable files and can be run directly.

To start the installation, you have to run the following command from the directory to which you downloaded the file.

java -jar

You need to accept IBM International License Agreement:

“Before you can use, extract, or install IBM MQ V9.0, you must accept the terms of 1. IBM International License Agreement for Evaluation of Programs 2. IBM International Program License Agreement

and additional license information. Please read the following license agreements carefully”. 

Next step is to select the target directory for product files

You have to enter the directory to install the files to, or you can also press 'Enter' without entering any value to install to the default location as displayed. Once you have files installed to the requested location, you will get a confirmation message.

Extracting files to H:\WMQ\wmq

Successfully extracted all product files.

Files Installed.

Once files are successfully installed, you can see a new directory with name “wmq” and when you navigate this directory further, you can see the following directories and files inside these

  • JavaEE 
  • JavaSE 
  • OSGi

The contents of these three directories are as follows










For more information related to installing IBM MQ classes for Java, you can navigate to following link:

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