Radio Transmission

In the electromagnetic spectrum, all omnidirectional waves in the frequencies 3KHz to 1GHz are called radio waves. They are widely used for communications since they are easy to generate, can travel long distances and can penetrate buildings. Radio waves have omnidirectional antennas, i.e. antennas that can send signals in all directions.

The properties of radios waves vary according to their frequencies. However, radio waves at all frequencies are prone to interference from electrical equipments like motors etc.

Low and Medium Frequency Radio Waves

Low and medium frequency radio waves can pass through obstacles and have ground propagation. However, the power diminishes rapidly depending upon the distance from the source. This attenuation in power is called the path loss. AM radio uses LF and MF bands.

High Frequency Radio Waves

High frequency radio waves travel in straight lines and have sky propagation. However, they are affected by interferences and are affected by rains. The military communicates in the HF and VHF bands. They are also used for long distance broadcasting and FM radio.


Some of the areas of applications of radio waves are −

  • Broadcasting and multicasting
  • Fixed and mobile radio communications
  • AM and FM radio
  • Television
  • Marine communication
  • Wireless computer networks
  • Cordless phones