Private Variables in C#

Private access specifier allows a class to hide its member variables and member functions from other functions and objects. Only functions of the same class can access its private members. Even an instance of a class cannot access its private members.

Create a private variable −

private double length;

Let us see an example. Here, if we will try to access the length variable which is set private, then the following error would generate.

BoxApplication.Box.length' is inaccessible due to its protection level

Let us see the complete example now −


using System;

namespace BoxApplication {
   class Box {
      private double length; // Length of a box
      private double breadth; // Breadth of a box
      private double height; // Height of a box

      public void setLength( double len ) {
         length = len;

      public void setBreadth( double bre ) {
         breadth = bre;

      public void setHeight( double hei ) {
         height = hei;

      public double getVolume() {
         return length * breadth * height;

   class Boxtester {
      static void Main(string[] args) {
         Box Box1 = new Box(); // Declare Box1 of type Box
         Box Box2 = new Box();
         double volume;

         // ACcessing private variables outside the class gives an error.
         // Box1.length = 10;


         // box 2 specification

         // volume of box 1
         volume = Box1.getVolume();
         Console.WriteLine("Volume of Box1 : {0}" ,volume);

         // volume of box 2
         volume = Box2.getVolume();
         Console.WriteLine("Volume of Box2 : {0}", volume);

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