Passing multiple parameters in SAP BO Webi report

An open document URL is constructed as follow −


With use of SAP Business Objects API, you can query each prompt- single value or multiple value. When you build URL, you may have to include parameter types.

You can join parameters with the ampersand (&) and you shouldn’t use space with & ampersand. Example − sType=wid&sDocName=Sales2003


In this URL, you can see single value variable YBO_CALYEAR and value is passed in YYYYMM format

&lsSYBO_CRNCY=USD, you can see single value variable and I am passing value “USD”

When you run the report, you can define a report level variable or use report-level function to capture multiple values selected in the prompt using function UserResponse()

=UserResponse([Query_Name]; PromptName)