Limitations covered by SAP HANA as compared to conventional database

Following are the key limitations that HANA overcomes −

  • As data size is growing it is a big problem for companies to store huge amounts of data. You talk about any industry domain- healthcare, FMCG, Banking, and Insurance, as subscribers are increasing there is an increase in historical data with time. SAP HANA Column base storage allows data compression and hence reducing the cost of storing the data.
  • As data size is growing it is a huge problem for companies to maintain and analyze the historical data. A conventional database doesn’t provide a mechanism to process large volumes of data. With an increase in data size, performance issue occurs in conventional databases.
  • Most conventional Business Warehouse doesn’t support real-time data and hence analytical reports are delayed.
  • HANA provides a complete suite for Data Storage, Data Modeling, and BI Reporting with the support for real-time data provisioning to the HANA database using SLT data replication.

Updated on: 22-Jun-2020


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