In SAPUI5, how two add two icons in StandardListItem

Instead of using StandardListitem, you should use CustomListitem. With use of CustomListitem, you can add any kind of content.

As per SAP documentation, CustomListitem has following use:

This control with a content aggregation can be used to customize standard list items that SAP doesn't provide. List mode and ListItem type are applied to CustomListItems as well.

Note: Even though the content aggregation allows any control, complex responsive layout controls (e.g. Table, Form) should not be aggregated as content.

SAP CustomListItem

new sap.m.CustomListItem(sId?, mSettings?)

Param Type Default Value Description

sId?String ID for the new control, generated automatically if no ID is given

mSettings? Object Initial settings for the new control

Updated on: 12-Jun-2020


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