How to set the image to be used as a border with JavaScript?

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To set the image to be used as a border in JavaScript, use the borderImageSource to add an image.


You can try to run the following code to learn how to work with borderImageSource property to set the image as a border −

Live Demo

<!DOCTYPE html>
         div {
            border: 40px dashed;
            border-image: url('');
            border-image-slice: 50;
            border-image-width: 1 1 1 1;
            border-image-outset: 0;
            border-image-repeat: round;
      <div id="box">
         <p>Demo Text!</p>
      <button onclick="display()">Set Inward Offsets</button>
         function display() {
            document.getElementById("box").style.borderImageSource = "url('')";
Updated on 23-Jun-2020 11:57:29