How to reduce the number of errors in scripts?

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To reduce the number of errors in scripts, follow the below-given tips −

  • Use plenty of comments. Comments enable you to explain why you wrote the script the way you did and to explain particularly difficult sections of code.
  • Always use indentation to make your code easy to read. Indenting statements also make it easier for you to match up the beginning and ending tags, curly braces, and other HTML and script elements.
  • Write modular code. Whenever possible, group your statements into functions. Functions let you group related statements, and test and reuse portions of code with minimal effort.
  • Be consistent in the way you name your variables and functions. Try using names that are long enough to be meaningful and that describe the contents of the variable or the purpose of the function.
  • Use consistent syntax when naming variables and functions. In other words, keep them all lowercase or all uppercase; if you prefer Camel-Back notation, use it consistently.
  • Test long scripts in a modular fashion. In other words, do not try to write the entire script before testing any portion of it. Write a piece and get it to work before adding the next portion of code.
Updated on 23-Jun-2020 07:03:36