How to position tooltips correctly with CSS

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To position tooltips correctly, use the right, left, top and bottom properties.

Let us see how to position tooltips on the right:


Live Demo

<!DOCTYPE html>
      .mytooltip .mytext {
         visibility: hidden;
         width: 140px;
         background-color: blue;
         color: #fff;
         z-index: 1;
         top: -6px;
         left: 100%;
         text-align: center;
         border-radius: 6px;
         padding: 5px 0;
         position: absolute;
      .mytooltip {
         position: relative;
         display: inline-block;
      .mytooltip:hover .mytext {
          visibility: visible;
      <div class = "mytooltip">Keep mouse cursor over me
         <span class = "mytext"> My Tooltip text</span>
Updated on 24-Jun-2020 06:54:07