How to normalize a Database Table


Normalization removes data redundancy and update, insert and delete anomalies and gives you a normalized perfect database design that a database administrator love.

To normalize a database table, follow the below given steps that highlights the role of normalization forms and its uses −

First Normal Form (1NF)

1 INF is useful in removing the data redundancy issue and anomalies of a database. All attributes in 1NF should have atomic domains.

Second Normal Form (2NF)

The Second Normal Form eliminates partial dependencies on primary keys.

Third Normal Form (3NF)

The Third Normal Form eliminates Transitive Functional Dependency.

Fourth Normal Form (4NF)

To be in 4NF, a relation should may not contain more than one multi-valued attribute.

Fifth Normal Form (5NF)

A relation is in Fifth Normal Form (5NF), if it is in 4NF, and won’t have lossless decomposition into smaller tables.

Published on 03-Jul-2018 19:20:53