How to define custom methods in C#?

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To define a custom method in C#, use the following syntax −

<Access Specifier> <Return Type> <Method Name>(Parameter List) {
Method Body

The following are the various elements of a method −

  • Access Specifier − This determines the visibility of a variable or a method from another class.

  • Return type − A method may return a value. The return type is the data type of the value the method returns. If the method is not returning any values, then the return type is void.

  • Method name − Method name is a unique identifier and it is case sensitive. It cannot be same as any other identifier declared in the class.

  • Parameter list − Enclosed between parentheses, the parameters are used to pass and receive data from a method. The parameter list refers to the type, order, and number of the parameters of a method. Parameters are optional; that is, a method may contain no parameters.

  • Method body − This contains the set of instructions needed to complete the required activity.

Let us see an example −


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using System;

namespace Demo {
   class NumberManipulator {
      public int FindMax(int num1, int num2) {
         /* local variable declaration */
         int result;

         if (num1 > num2)
         result = num1;
         result = num2;
         return result;

      static void Main(string[] args) {
         /* local variable definition */
         int a = 90;
         int b = 15;
         int ret;
         NumberManipulator n = new NumberManipulator();

         //calling the FindMax method
         ret = n.FindMax(a, b);
         Console.WriteLine("Max value is : {0}", ret );


Max value is : 90
Published on 07-Aug-2018 11:06:50