How to choose an HTML Editor?

HTML Editors are WYSIWYG editor program which gives options to edit source code. Some of the well-known editors include Adobe Dreamweaver, CoffeeCup, KomodoIDE, EditPlus, etc. To choose an HTML Editor, you need to compare some of the features and find the best one to edit the source code.

While choosing and trying HTML Editors, try to get an IDE will some or all of the following features and capabilities −

Code Collapsing

When an enormous amount of code is written, then code collapsing features works great and to get an HTML Editor which provides this option will work like a charm and helps in distinguishing sections of code.

Validation checker

HTML Editors provides options to validate your files against the W3C standards. This way you can check whether your code is W3C compliant or not.

Built-in browser

Editors allow you to add browsers and open from inside the program to check the user interface. In this way, cross-browser compatibility is also achieved.

AutoComplete function

Some editors come auto complete function i.e. whenever you will begin typing a tag or attribute or a syntax, it gives you the option to complete it.

Link checker

Link checker allows you to check broken links while creating your website using HTML Editor. Checking broken links saves your time of manually checking every link.

Updated on: 15-Jun-2020


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