How to change Firefox Browser theme?

Firefox web browser is widely used and loved by many users around the world. Well, you can easily change the Firefox Browser theme and make it look more awesome.

Let’s see how to reach the Firefox theme section and change the theme −

Open Firefox Menu

Go to the following section and click to open the Firefox browser menu. After that, you need to click Add-ons:


To reach the Themes section, click on Add-ons and then click on Appearance as shown below −

On clicking Appearance, the themes will be visible. Click Enable to enable any theme or choose from thousands of other themes as shown above.
Let’s say you select the Compact Dark Theme. On enabling, the Firefox theme changes and will look like the following, with a darker theme:

You can always revert back to the original theme by disabling the Compact Dark theme.

Updated on: 15-Jun-2020


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